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Engage the members of your organisation to become more climate-friendly

and enrich your internal sustainability campaigns with engaging CO2 emission-reducing activities.

Does your organisation want to become more climate-friendly, but don't quite know how?

The climate competition is a two-week challenge that makes it easy and fun to reduce daily emissions.

Participants compete in teams and collaborate to increase the amount of CO2e savings, the team with the largest savings wins!

Each employee spends a few minutes every day digitally logging their climate-friendly activities - e.g. shorter showers or traveling by public transport - and you quickly see how much CO2e you have saved.

The aim of the competition is to show how each person can use simple and effective measures to reduce their own climate footprint in their daily lives – both at home, in their spare time and at work.

This is a tailor-made activity for your organisation and you choose when you want to run the competition.

Ducky Engagement Suite

Why run a Climate Competition for your organisation?

Strengthen your organisation's corporate culture
Get climate commitment into your organisation's DNA
Combine team building and climate engagement
Strengthen your organisation's employer branding
Show that climate is at the top of your agenda

The average annual footprint of a world citizen corresponds to 4.5 tonnes of CO2e.

Source: Global Carbon Atlas


And yes, it's that simple!

Ducky Engagement Suite
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What's included in the package?

We have great experience in carrying out climate competitions in large organisations


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Let's start with a chat!

Ducky helps people and organisations change their behavior and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We collaborate with some of the world's leading researcher's in the field of climate and environment, and have developed an algorithm that calculates the climate effect of various measure based on user behavior.

We encourage and motivate people to change their behavior by working with companies, banks, organisations, municipalities and other public and private enterprises.

Talk to one of our friendly employees for a no-obligatory chat about how this might suit your company needs.

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